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Ukrainian food. Clockwise: Borsch(plate with spoon), Kholodets, Kompot, Olivye, Vinigret, Varenyky. Center: Cured Salmon, Horseradish.

Ukrainian Food  by Park1036.  CC BY-SA

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Traditional foods and where to find them in MB

Multicultural Manitoba

  1. Manitoba is Canada’s most multicultural province.
  2. It is home to newcomers from more than 150 countries.
  3. There are around 100 languages spoken here.
  4. Manitoba has more restaurants for each person than any other place in North America.
  5. Many restaurants serve authentic international cuisine. Many are owned by immigrants.
  6. You will find French, Chinese, Italian, Mexican, and Indian food here. You will also find Polish, Greek, Filipino, Vietnamese, and African food at restaurants.
  7. There are also many ethnic food stores and groceries in Manitoba.
  8. It is where you can buy ingredients for your native dishes. They also have cooked food that you can take home.

Ethnic Restaurants:

Some suggested restaurants and their locations:

  • Carnaval – Brazillian Barbeque. Waterfront Drive, Winnipeg
  • Clay Oven – Middle Eastern/Indian/Pakistani food. Inkster Blvd., Winnipeg
  • Irori Barbeque House – Korean barbeque. Steinbach
  • Jeepney Restaurant – Filipino cuisine. Sargent Ave., Winnipeg
  • Luda’s – Ukrainian food. Aberdeen Ave., Winnipeg
  • Massawa Restaurant– Ethiopian food. Osborne St., Winnipeg
  • Ninho de Portugal – Portuguese food. Sherbrook St., Winnipeg
  • Over the Coals – Greek food. Saskatchewan Ave., Portage la Prairie
  • Pho Kim Tuong – Asian food. Ellice Avenue, Winnipeg
  • Ralph’s German Restaurant & Café – German-European cuisine, Winkler
  • Restaurante dos Banderas – Belizean food. Morden
  • Simon’s Cuisine – Argentinean food. St. Mary’s Road, Winnipeg
  • Segovia Tapas Bar & Restaurant – Spanish cuisine. Stradbrook Ave., Winnipeg
  • The Chilli Chutney – East Indian cuisine. Brandon

Ethnic foodstores

Some suggested foodstores and their locations:

  • African Foods General Wholesale – Foods from Ghana, Nigeria, Congo, etc. Notre Dame Ave., Winnipeg.
  • Balkan Foods – Foods from Poland, Greece, Bosnia, Italy. Stadacona St., Winnipeg
  • Brandon Hispano International Foods and Bakery – Carribean gourmet and Mexican food. Rosser Ave., Brandon
  • Dino’s Grocery Mart – Food from all over the world, especially Asian and the West Indies. Notre Dame Ave., Winnipeg
  • El Izalco Market – Central American food. Sargent Ave., Winnipeg
  • Karla’s International Foods – An assortment of international food. Rosser Ave., Brandon
  • Living Delight – International food market (Asian, Latin American and African). 9th St., Brandon
  • Taste of Europe – Products from Russia, Ukraine, Lithuania, Poland and Israel. Main St., Winnipeg
  • The Real Canadian Superstore – Has a wide variety of specialty foods
  • Young’s Market – Asian food. Mc Phillips St., Winnipeg


These lists are for information purposes only. English Online Inc. does not promote, endorse or have any affiliation with any of these restaurants or stores.

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Community Resources

Download this grocery guide: Where to buy newcomer traditional foods in Winnipeg. You can get a printed copy from Food Matters Manitoba or the nearest Immigrant Serving Organization (call first to ask).

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