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Image of a Permanent Resident Card from the Government of Canada

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Beyond your SIN and Health Card, there may be additional documents needed as you continue living, working or studying in Manitoba. For instance, if your passport is about to expire and you need to travel, or if you need to replace your lost PR card, where would you go? Here are some information, links, and resources to point you to the right direction:

  1. English and French language assessment and referral

  2. If you need to take English or French classes, sitting for a Canadian Language Benchmark Test is recommended. For this, your speaking, listening, reading, and writing skills in English or French will be assessed. After which, the language assessor will recommend classes that will fit your needs and goals.

    The Canadian Language Benchmark Placement Test is not one of the accepted documents for an application for Canadian Citizenship. Go to this page to know what proof/tests are acceptable: Acceptable language proof to apply for citizenship wizard.

  3. Passport renewal (and other consular services)

  4. Consular services such as passport renewals, notarization, certification of documents, visa application, and others are done at your specific home country’s embassy or consulate. Currently, there are more than 400 foreign embassies and consulates in Canada, most of them located in Ontario. In Winnipeg, there are around 25 local Consular Corps that can help you with your concerns. Some countries with a large number of newcomers in Manitoba arrange for Foreign Missions or Outreach Services to help with passport renewal. Call or email your home country’s embassy or consulate to know more about their services and how to access them.

  5. Permanent Resident (PR) card renewal/replacement and the Permanent Resident Travel Document

  6. RENEWAL: Your PR card is valid for five years. You should apply for renewal six months before it expires (and you have not applied for citizenship).

    REPLACEMENT: If your PR card is lost, stolen or destroyed and you need to apply for a replacement, you should go to the IRCC Help Centre to report it.

    If you are not in Canada, report the loss to the nearest Canadian visa office. If you are returning to Canada by commercial vehicle: airplane, bus, train, or boat, you will also need to apply for a permanent resident travel document which is valid for one single entry to Canada. You should apply for a new PR card once you return to Canada.

  7. Child Abuse Registry Check

  8. Some work or volunteer positions require a Child Abuse Registry check especially if your duties require working with children or specified adults. Some employers, especially if it is a volunteer position, may apply and pay for this on your behalf. Check with the employer first before applying for this on your own.

  9. Criminal Record check

  10. This document may be required for employment or for volunteering purposes. It includes criminal record information, information regarding current status of court cases where the applicant is an accused before the courts, and other police information.

    • How to apply: If you are in Winnipeg and have been a resident for one year (proof of residence is required), you can apply online using the Electronic Police Information Check online system (ePIC). You will receive an electronic record. If you need a hard copy, you have to apply at the police headquarters at 245 Smith Street, Winnipeg and complete a paper application. If you are a non-resident of Winnipeg, apply at the police service in your jurisdiction.
    • What to bring: Two pieces of ID, one of which must be a government-issued photo ID with your name, date of birth, and signature when you claim your report.
    • Fee/Cost: $49.50 or check: Fee Schedule
    • For more information: Winnipeg Police Service

Some tips:

  • The first step is always to check the organization, employer, or program’s specific requirements. Verify the exact name of the document or test needed before you apply for them. This may save you a great amount of time, effort and money as it can prevent you from having to re-apply for documents or re-take tests.
  • If you need to send required documents online or via email in .jpeg or .pdf formats, you can have your documents scanned at a local library, shipping centre (FedEx, UPS, etc.), or an office supply store like Staples.
  • Remember to give your personal information only to certified and legitimate organizations. Highly confidential information such as your UCI number, SIN, or bank account numbers should NOT be sent via email.

Article updated as of October, 2018. As this is only a guide, please verify with the proper agency depending on the document that you need before applying as requirements, processing times and fees may change.

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Essential documents for newcomers (part 2)

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