Essential facts about parenting in Canada

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Parenting in Canada

Parental responsibilities in Canada

  1. Loving and caring for your children.
  2. Ensuring their protection and safety.
  3. Providing food, clothing, and shelter.
  4. Providing education and healthcare.
  5. Providing time for play.
  6. Exposing them to cultural and artistic activities.

Parenting Laws

  1. No child under 12 years old should be left alone at home.
  2. Corporal punishment is not encouraged.
    • It is physical punishment with intention to cause pain.
    • Example: spanking, hitting, slapping.
  3. Manitoba has a child-centered public policy.
  4. It follows the United Nations’ Rights of the Child.
  5. Family Law promotes the child’s best interests.
  6. Manitoba’s Healthy Child Manitoba (HCM) Strategy:

The Child & Family Services (CFS)

  1. The CFS promotes child safety and security.
  2. They keep children safe and protected.
  3. They help families affected by violence and disruption. They help with:
    • finding child care
    • emergency food and housing
    • counselling

Parenting styles

  1. Your style may be based on your values and culture.
  2. Decide what to adopt for the best interest of your children.
  3. Parenting styles should adapt to the law.
  4. Tip: Balance practices in your culture and parenting styles in Canada.

Parenting programs in Manitoba:

  1. The Positive Parenting Program (Triple P)
  2. Positive Discipline promoted by MOSAIC Newcomer Family Resource Network.

Where to get support:

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Community Resources

Nobody’s Perfect is an education and support program for parents of children from birth to age five. Watch this short video about Nobody’s Perfect:

Help for new parents from the Winnipeg Regional Health Authority lists down sites to access childbirth classes to prepare for the birth of your child.

A list of Winnipeg-based Parenting Programs from the Adolescent Parent Interagency Network.  The list is as of 2013 and some programs may have ended.  Click the website links to know more.

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