How to get a driver’s licence in MB

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To be able to drive a vehicle in Manitoba, you have to have a driver’s license. Those who have a valid licence from their home country can use it for three months, after which they would have to complete a knowledge test and a road test.

The following are the steps for getting a driver’s licence:


  1. All newcomers to Manitoba (those who are not licence holders and those who have a licence but have already used it for three months) must register as an MPI customer. You can do this at a Service Centre or an Autopac agent
  2. You will be required to present proper identification documents.
  3. If you held a driver’s licence in your home country, these are MPI’s information requirements.
  4. Know the schedule of charges.
  5. Book a knowledge test and a road test with MPI. You can review by reading MPI’s handbook and taking practice tests (see resources below).
  6. Take and pass the scheduled tests.
  7. Get your licence (you will need to have your picture taken). Your licence will indicate what class of licence you have (1 to 6) and your GDL stage (L-learner, I-intermediate, F-full, A-authorized instruction, and M-motorcycle training course only).

If you are coming from another jurisdiction and are a holder of a valid out-of-province driver’s licence, you may exchange it with an equivalent Manitoba licence after three months without completing written and road tests. For a complete list of jurisdictions and the corresponding Manitoba licence you can exchange your licence for, refer to the table on MPI’s driver licencing page.

Newcomer Driver’s Education
Some newcomers may need assistance in filling out forms, learning about rules of the road, figuring out road signs, and driving in various weather conditions. Even experienced drivers may need to learn about driving regulations in Manitoba as they could differ from their home country’s rules. For additional help, Immigrant Centre offers the Newcomer Driver’s Education for free for those who want to acquire a Class 5 licence.

On the other hand, if you already know the rules of the road but just want to refresh your knowledge and experience driving on Manitoban roads, hiring a driving instructor for practical training and advice is recommended.

First time drivers:

  1. If it is your first time to get a licence, here are the requirements:
    • You have to be at least 16 years old or 15 ½ if you are enrolled in the High School Driver’s Education Program, a subsidized course in high schools across Manitoba.
    • If you’re not in Driver’s Ed, you should visit an Autopac agent. Bring your identity documents and register as a Manitoba Public Insurance (MPI) customer. Get a change particulars document. You then have to take and pass a knowledge test to get a Learner’s Licence.
  2. Process: Manitoba has a Graduated Driver Licencing program in place to encourage good, safe driving. New drivers have to go through stages in order to have ample time to learn and gain enough skills to be safe and responsible drivers. The GDL applies to all new applicants who are applying for a Class 5 licence and have never held a licence before, and Class 6 licence and have never held a Class 6 licence before.
    You will be given a Learner’s Licence for a minimum of nine months after passing the knowledge test. Then, you will earn an Intermediate Licence for a minimum of 15 months after passing the road test. The next stage is when you get a Full driver’s licence for the first three years. New drivers are encouraged to take driving lessons from reputable driving schools prior to taking the test.
  3. Cost: You have to pay a $20 fixed fee and $45 base driver premium. Check: Schedule of charges.

Article updated as of January, 2023. As this is only a guide, please verify with the proper agency depending on the document or service that you need before applying as requirements, processing times and fees may change.

Source: Manitoba Public Insurance

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Community Resources

If you wish to review for the knowledge test, after you’ve read the handbook, you can use MPI’s online Driving Quizzes.

Here’s important information to know before registering and insuring your vehicles in Manitoba.

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Getting a driver’s licence in MB

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