It’s never too early to plan your vacations! Here are the holidays in Manitoba for 2019

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If you are planning to go on a major vacation, or take a few short trips, or maybe just looking forward to more staycations at home, here are the long weekends you can look forward to in 2019.

Please note that some are unofficial holidays (as indicated). Observance may depend on the sector you belong to or your employer’s discretion:

January 1 (Tuesday) New Year’s Day
This is a statutory holiday in Manitoba and in most places.

Feb 18 (Monday) Louis Riel Day
We commemorate the life and contributions of Louis Riel, the founder of Manitoba, every third Monday of the February. Want to know more about Louis Riel? Read 5 facts about Manitoba’s founder Louis Riel.

April 19 Good Friday
April 22 Easter Monday (unofficial)

Good Friday is observed nationwide. This can extend up to the following Monday as a rest day for employees working in the federally regulated sector. Other employers in Manitoba may observe this holiday too.

May 20 (Monday) Victoria Day
Held to commemorate Queen Victoria’s birthday (May 25). It is a statutory holiday and also the unofficial start of summer in Canada.

July 1 (Monday) Canada Day
Happy birthday Canada! You’re 152 years old today. This celebration also used to be called Dominion Day. Learn why they used that name here: Did you know that Canada Day used to called Dominion Day?

August 5 (Monday) Civic Holiday/Terry Fox Day (unofficial)
This holiday is not normally observed in Manitoba unless you are working in the federally regulated sector.

Sept 2 (Monday) Labour Day
This holiday is observed every first Monday of September. It is an occasion to celebrate workers’ rights and a good opportunity to take a late summer trip.

Oct 14 (Monday) Thanksgiving Day
Celebrated earlier than our neighbors to the south (the US), Thanksgiving Day is celebrated every second Monday of October. Read 5 things to know about Canadian Thanksgiving to know other ways it differs from the American celebration.

Nov 11, Monday Remembrance Day (regulated by Remembrance Day Act, unofficial)
Poppy Day is not an official holiday in Manitoba but it is observed respectfully and with great fervor by all Manitobans. Read What are we remembering on Remembrance Day? to know more about this holiday.

Dec. 25 (Wednesday) Christmas Day
Dec. 26 (Thursday) Boxing Day (unofficial)

The day after Christmas Day is an unofficial holiday in Manitoba. However, many employers may give you a free day inspired by generosity or by the Christmas spirit. Read What is Boxing Day and should you celebrate it? in case you get a day off (or if you just want to know what Boxing Day is).

To know more about these holidays and celebrations, read: Canadian Holidays.

Source: Public Holidays, Government of Canada; Manitoba Statutory holidays, Accessed December 4, 2018.

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