Magazines in Manitoba

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Manitoba has an active publishing scene with book, newspaper, and magazine publishers catering to Manitobans’ information and entertainment needs. The Manitoba Magazine Publishers’ Association lists 30 member-magazines spanning various interests from art to gardening, or targets audiences as specific as school counsellors and dog-lovers. Aside from these, there are many other Manitoba-made magazines in print or digital format. Some are given out for free, or may even be openly accessed online.

If you are a magazine buff, you can choose from a variety of topics and magazine formats (printed or digital). The frequency varies; some are published monthly, bi-monthly, or quarterly. Aside from Manitoba-made publications, you also have a choice of buying popular Canadian or US magazines such as Maclean’s, Canadian Living, Better Homes, Reader’s Digest or Time Magazine in supermarkets, groceries, and convenience stores.

Some examples of magazines in Manitoba:

  • The Hub (Winnipeg’s Gateway to the World) –the website as well as the magazine features all things Winnipeg. The Hub promotes attractions near the Winnipeg James Armstrong Richardson International Airport and provides great reviews and tips for tourists and travellers to the city.
  • Maclean’s – this popular Canadian Magazine is for subscription. You have a choice of getting it in a purely digital format or printed and digital. This is a weekly magazine that features the most current Canadian news and issues in the fields of politics, economy, education, culture, and society. It is one of Canada’s most reliable news magazines.
  • Senior Scope – this is a free publication for older adults in Manitoba. It is available in print in Winnipeg and rural Manitoba, or downloadable online. It features events, activities, news and features of interest to older adults.
  • Coffee News Magazine –one of the most ubiquitous publications in Manitoba seen in various restaurants , coffee shops, bars, and other small businesses. It is a single sheet publication that contains news, inspirational quotes, local events, trivia, as well advertisements from local businesses. It is given out for free.
  • Style Manitoba Magazine – this is an upscale, glossy magazine that features lifestyle articles – stories on music, entertainment, restaurants, travel, and fashion. It also has book reviews. It can be purchased by subscription or at the McNally Robinson Bookstore. A digital version can also be accessed online.
  • Canadian Living –this is a popular magazine that features tips and helpful articles on food, cooking, health, relationships family and lifestyles in Canada. It is for print or digital subscription. It can also be bought at newsstands.
  • Enlighten Up -this is Winnipeg’s magazine on holistic and natural living (and social justice) published quarterly. Its printed version, The Aquarian, is given out for free all over Manitoba and Ontario.
  • The Uniter – the University of Winnipeg’s weekly urban journal. Together with campus happenings and events, the Uniter also has features on various issues in and around Winnipeg.
  • The Manitoban – the University of Manitoba’s official newspaper. It focuses on campus news and features on art and culture, science and technology, and sports.

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Magazines in Manitoba

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