Manitoba facts every Manitoban knows

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Each person who lives in Manitoba knows these things. Here are some things that are fun to learn:

Manitoba’s founder: Louis Riel

Manitoba became the fifth province of Canada. This took place because the head of the Métis people, Louis Riel, fought for their rights. He wished to keep their land, their way of life, and their political rights safe. Thanks to Louis Riel’s leading role, Manitoba was made.

From 1869 to 1870, he was the head of a group named the Métis National Committee. This group later turned into a short-term government. This short-term government would talk about the Manitoba Act. This rule helped Manitoba turn into a province in 1870.

  • Provincial symbols

    You might already know that the bison is a key animal in Manitoba. This animal is so key that it is in the city government’s logo. But, Manitoba has more than just one key animal. There is also another key animal. This animal is a mammal. This mammal is the polar bear. The key bird in Manitoba is the Grey Owl. The key fish is the pickerel, also known as the walleye.

    Manitoba also has other key symbols. The key tree is the White Spruce. The key flower is the Prairie Crocus. We also have a key saying. It is Gloriosus et liber. This saying means great and free. You can hear this in our national anthem, O Canada.

    Do you want to see all of Manitoba’s key symbols? You can find them at Official emblems of Manitoba.

    It’s the land of lakes

    Manitoba is a location with a lot of lakes. To be exact, it has more than 100,000 lakes! One of these lakes is Lake Winnipeg. This lake is very big. It is the fifth biggest lake with fresh water in Canada. Also, if we look at how big its surface is, it is the 10th biggest lake in the world.

    Manitoba has a lot of water. This means that the area can make a lot of power using water. This kind of power is called hydroelectric power.

    Also, Manitoba’s lakes, big rivers, small rivers, and wetlands are places where many different types of fish live. People catch these fish for fun and also for business.

    Curling capital of the world

    Manitoba has more spots for playing curling than Ontario and Quebec together!

    Curling is a game that two teams play on a frozen surface. Each team takes turns to slide stones. These stones are made of a very hard stone called granite. The teams try to hit a target with these stones. This target is known as a “House”. This game is part of the Olympic and Paralympic winter games. It’s also a fun thing that a group of friends can do this winter.

    Speaking about world records, Winnipeg is known as the “Slurpee Capital of the World”. People in Winnipeg drink about 400,000 cups of Slurpees every month on average! If you don’t know, Slurpees are sweet, cold drinks that 7-11 sells. 7-11 is a store that’s open all the time. Winnipeg has held this record for more than 20 years in a row now.

    Manitoba is a favourite movie location

    Our area is very nice to see. It has many different types of places. This has made it a popular place for making movies. For instance, there is a place called Gimli. Gimli is famous for its location near the water. This is the place where they made the movies “The Icelandic Dream” and “The Saddest Music in the World”.

    In Manitoba, there are big open fields, forests, and lakes. These places have been used as the setting for the movies “Shall We Dance” and “Heaven is a Traffic Jam on the 405”.

    In Winnipeg, there are old and new buildings. These buildings have been used in movies that have won the Oscar award. These movies are “Capote” and “The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford”.

    We hold socials

    A social is a special event. It happens only in Manitoba. It’s a way to collect money for a wedding or a good cause that helps the community. If you want to go to a social, you need to buy a ticket. This ticket also gives you a chance to win a prize draw. This could be for gifts, or for a draw where you could win half of the money collected. Like most parties, there will be food and drinks, but you might have to pay for them. There will also be music and dancing, and these are free! Socials are a great way for the community to help other people in the community and also have fun.

    Have you seen anything else that is special to Manitoba? Please share with us!

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