Nutrition, cooking and gardening programs in Winnipeg

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Food is one of the major concerns newcomers have upon arriving in Manitoba. Many wonder whether they can have access to fresh vegetables, fruits and other produce familiar to them. Others worry about the quality and the cost of food. Saving on monthly grocery bills while maintaining proper nutrition is the concern of everyone, newcomer or not.

This is why Manitoba places a high value on food and nutrition education. Through various programs, newcomers receive essential food information and opportunities for growing good food so that they will have nutritious and cost-effective options. They can also hone their cooking skills and network to share nutrition information. Just imagine the wealth of information that you can learn from newcomers from all over the world! In Winnipeg, Food Matters Manitoba is an organization that partners with communities to help newcomers receive all these and more.

The following are some of the newcomer food and nutrition programs available in Winnipeg. You may want to check them out this spring. This is the perfect time to try your hand at gardening and growing your own food:

  1. Centennial Community Improvement Association

    (Gardening, Cooking Classes. Translation available)
    Contact details: Tel. No.: (204) 586-8061; email:
    Address: 545 Alexander Avenue

  2. Elmwood Neighbourhood Settlement Program

    (Gardening, Cooking Classes. Translation available)
    Contact details: Anna Murray, Tel. No.: (204) 982-1720 ext.205; email:
    Address: 545 Watt Street

  3. Food Matters Manitoba

    (Gardening, Nutrition/Cooking Classes, Food Handler Certification. Translation available)
    Contact details: Amy Henderson, Tel. No.: (204) 943-0822 ext. 5;
    Address: Programs are run at different locations.

  4. Immigrant and Refugee Community Organization in Manitoba (IRCOM)

    (Gardening. Translation available)
    Contact details: Jim Beckta, Tel. No.: (204) 943-8765; email:
    Address: 95 Ellen Street

  5. Immigrant Centre

    (Nutrition/Cooking Classes. Translation available)
    Contact details: Val Gonzalez, Tel. No.: (204) 943-9969 ext. 252;
    Address: 100 Adelaide Street

  6. Manitoba Interfaith Immigration Council Inc. (Welcome Place)

    (Cooking Classes. Translation available)
    Contact details: Karen Montgomery-Gibbes, Tel. No.: (204) 977-1000
    Address: 521 Bannatyne Avenue

  7. Mary Jane’s Cooking School

    (Nutrition/Cooking Classes. Translation available)
    Contact details: Tel. No.: (204) 775-2522;
    Address: 252 Arlington Street

  8. Norwest Co-op

    (Gardening, Nutrition/Cooking Classes. Translation available)
    Contact details: Abigail Legaspi, Tel. No.: (204) 806-3972;
    Address: 785 Keewatin Street

  9. Rainbow Community Gardens

    (Gardening, Social Support. Translation available)
    Contact details: Raymond Ngarboui, Tel. No.: (204) 509-6259;
    Address: Conducted at various locations.

  10. MOSAIC Newcomer Family Resource Network

    (Nutrition/Cooking Classes. Translation available)
    Contact details: Tel. No.: (204) 774-7311;
    Address: 397 Carlton Street

  11. Seven Oaks School Division

    (Nutrition/Cooking Classes, Gardening. Translation available)
    Contact details: Tel. No.: (204) 586-8061;
    Address: 950 Jefferson Avenue

  12. William Whyte Residents’ Association

    (Gardening, Nutrition Classes. Translation available)
    Contact details: Th’lay Htoo, Tel. No.: (204) 582-0988;
    Address: 295 Pritchard Avenue

  13. Winnipeg Regional Health Authority (WRHA)

    (Knox Newcomer Healthy Start for Mom & Me. Translation available)
    Drop-in on Wednesdays at 1:30 pm
    Address: 406 Edmonton Street

List from Food Matters Manitoba. For more program information, please contact respective organizations. List revised as of September 2017.

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