Pet care and the new MB pet guidelines

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Pets are wonderful additions to the family. They are great companions and provide endless entertainment for kids and adults alike. But of course, getting a pet is also a major responsibility. You not only have to consider the cost of maintaining a one, you also have to see whether you have enough time and the energy to take care of it.

One more thing you should be aware of are pet care laws in Manitoba. These pertain to pet licensing, healthcare (necessary vaccines, spaying/neutering, vitamins & supplements), and discipline. These guidelines are imposed to ensure that your pet is well taken care of and will not cause harm to the community. Read Choosing and caring for a family pet from the Manitoba Government site and the Winnipeg Responsible Pet Ownership By-law (below) to know more about these guidelines. This By-law was amended recently with the new rules to be enforced by July 1, 2022.

New pet rules in Winnipeg:

  1. No unattended pets

    It is prohibited to leave pets unattended in vehicles when it is 22 °C or warmer, or -10 °C or colder, unless the vehicle is running and it has a working air conditioning or heating system. Owners are also prohibited from housing or chaining dogs outside for extended periods. Dogs must always be supervised when they are outside.

  2. No to cycling with dogs

    Owners are prohibited to cycle with their dogs when the temperature is 22 °C and higher. This is to prevent heat exhaustion and burnt paw pads.

  3. Don’t feed wildlife

    Winnipeggers are prohibited from feeding wildlife except for birds. This is to prevent overpopulation of urban wildlife.

  4. Traps and rodenticide you can’t use

    Use of body hold, glue traps, and rodenticide is prohibited. Live release traps are allowed as long as they are checked at least once a day and entrapped animals are released or humanely euthanized.

  5. Dog daycare regulations

    Dog daycares now have to follow specifications in terms of facility size (depending on the size of dogs they are accepting) and number of staff supervising dogs. They should also observe mandatory dog assessment, staff training, cleaning and safety standard requirements.

  6. Breeding permit requirement

    Dog and cat owners who intend to have them breed must apply for a permit. Owners must have a history of responsible pet ownership and a letter from the veterinarian supporting the breeding of the specific dog/cat. They should also submit to an inspection of the breeding property. There is a limit of one litter per year and no more than four litters over their lifetime for each dog or cat.

To read the complete guidelines, go to: City of Winnipeg By-law No. 92/2013.

Caring for sick or old pets:

Your pets will need veterinary care to prevent them from getting sick. A veterinary doctor administers vaccines, advises you about parasite control, and prescribes medicines. They can even provide dental care. Vet care can cost a lot especially if your pet contracts an illness or disease. This why some pet owners avail of pet insurance. You can ask for quotations from private firms and see what fits your needs and budget. To have an idea of pet insurance costs and benefits, check petsecure. They also offer six weeks of complimentary health insurance to guardians of newly adopted dogs and cats from shelters.*

In the unfortunate event that a pet dies at home, it is the owner’s responsibility to dispose of it safely. They may opt to bury it in their backyard. They just need to ensure that it is buried deep enough so that there will be no foul odour and it will not attract other animals.

Bereaved owners can also have their pet buried or cremated and have the ashes scattered or kept in an urn. This is a service you can avail from several companies in the province (Google “pet funerals in Manitoba”). Some of these companies may also have a pet cemetery. Pet owners in Winnipeg may also consider the Humane Society’s Pet Memorial Scattering Garden as a final resting place for their beloved pets.
*English Online is not endorsing Petsecure. This product was mentioned for illustrative purposes only.
Sources: New pet ownership rules coming to Winnipeg in July, Amy-Ellen Prentice, Global News; These are the new rules pet owners must follow July 1, Charles Lefebvre, CTV News; Sick or injured animals, Animal Services Agency, City of Winnipeg; City of Winnipeg By-Law No. 92/2013. Accessed June 1, 2022.

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Community Resources

Don’t know if you’re ready to get a pet? Take the Responsible Pet Ownership quiz to find out! You’ll also learn about pet regulations in Manitoba you might not have known.

Download the Pet Care Fact Sheet to get tips and useful resources that could come in handy during a calamity or emergency.

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