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Newcomers usually rent an apartment in their first few months in Manitoba. However, navigating the requirements, contracts, and other details of renting can be difficult because most are unfamiliar with rules and regulations. The language barrier can be an additional problem as well. Newcomers may sign contracts even if they do not completely understand them. This makes them vulnerable to scams and frauds.

The following video from Entry Program can help you out. “Rental information” by Karen Giesbrecht of New Journey Housing is a clear and engaging talk that will give you essential information about the mechanics of looking for, renting and maintaining an apartment. This is a 40-minute talk; it may help if you take down notes:

Rental Information, North Point Productions.

Other resources:

Keep your home healthy and safe

Additional pointers to to help you stay comfortable and safe in your new home (based on CMHC’s “Renting Your First Home in Canada”):

  • Be aware of the security and safety features of your building or unit. Make sure that windows and doors have good locks. Don’t let strangers come into your house or building.
  • Don’t attract pests. Never leave open food or garbage outside. Clean your home well and on a regular basis. Get rid of unnecessary clutter. Try to control the level of moisture by using bathroom and kitchen fans, and using a dehumidifier if necessary. Read Garbage, plumbing and other household concerns to learn more about keeping your home clean and pest-free.
  • Prevent fires. Don’t use overcrowded (“octopus”) electrical outlets. Only smoke outdoors and never in bed. Keep curtains and other flammable materials away from lights and candles. Clean grease from pans and stovetop regularly. Make sure you have at least one smoke detector in your home and test it once a month. Read Fire safety tips for newcomers to know more.
  • Check for molds. Molds can be a serious risk, especially if you or a family member suffers from asthma or allergies. Mold usually looks like a fuzzy, powdery green, brown or black growth. If you see this, inform your landlord or building superintendent immediately.

It would also be good idea to have Tenant Insurance to replace the cost of your belongings in case a fire or theft happens.
Article updated April 16, 2021.

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Community Resources

If you are still in your home country and are about to move to Manitoba, read Arranging temporary housing before you arrive to know your options.

If you need help with your rent, read about the Manitoba Rent Assist Program and see if you qualify for shelter benefits.

The Residential Tenancies Branch website is the resource to go to if you have problems or issues as a tenant.

If you need other forms of assistance for moving and settling, read the article Do you need assistance for getting settled? Here’s where to get help for more information.

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Renting an apartment in Manitoba

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