The most Canadian things to do this summer

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Summer in Canada

  1. Summer officially starts on June 21.
  2. Cottage and camping season begins early. It starts on the May long weekend (Victoria Day).

Most Canadian summer activities

Stay in a cabin by the lake

  1. Manitoba is the land of 100,000 lakes.
  2. Lake Winnipeg, Lake Winnipegosis, and Lake Manitoba are some of the largest lakes in the province.
  3. There are so many beautiful lakeside areas you can visit.
  4. Gaze at the lake, enjoy watersports, or go fishing.
  5. Rent a cottage for the weekend.

Attend a festival

  1. Summer is outdoor festival season.
  2. There are celebrations for music and the arts. There are outdoor rides. Some have great bargains and fresh produce.
  3. Go to the Manito Ahbee Festival. It is the largest powwow in North America.
  4. Read Summer festivals in Manitoba to know other events.

Go on a road trip

  1. Manitoba has vast open spaces.
  2. See rolling prairie hills, farmlands and river valleys under blue skies.
  3. Experience all the beauty when you go on a prairie drive.
    • Natgeo travel suggests an 845 kilometer trip starting from Brandon.
      • Visit the city’s downtown area, museums and recreation parks.
      • Follow Highway 10 north to Riding Mountain National Park. See the trails, beaches and wildlife.
      • See Sandy Lake, Souris and Turtle Mountain Provincial Park along Highway 10.
      • Stop at the International Peace Garden along the border between Canada and the US.
      • Pass by Morden to see more great prairie museums on your way back.
      • Continue driving to Spruce Woods Provincial Park.
    • The travel blog I’ve been bit! suggests a seven-day prairie adventure. See Manitoba’s:
      • tourist spots
      • bed and breakfast places
      • great restaurants
    • Get a map and check weather conditions before you leave. Be prepared for any emergencies.

Go camping

  1. Connect with nature. See Canada’s great outdoors.
  2. Manitoba is home to amazing wild animals. See deer, various birds, or even a bear.
  3. Share campsite stories, barbecue and make s’mores.
  4. See spectacular Northern Lights.
  5. There are many types of campsites. Choose an RV (recreational vehicle) park for first time campers.
  6. Read Camping for beginners know the best camping grounds in Manitoba.
  7. Read this camping cheat sheet for Riding Mountain National Park. It lists popular camping spots and structures (oTENTiks).


  1. Any day in summer is good for a barbecue. You can do it in your backyard or patio.
  2. Invite a few friends over for a summer party.
  3. Don’t limit the menu to barbecued meats.
  4. Serve your traditional food. Make it a multicultural feast. That’s very Canadian too!

Have a great summer!

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