Want to know more about your new country? Visit a museum

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Did you know that there are almost 200 museums in Manitoba? According to the Association of Manitoban Museums (AMM), there are more than 40 in Winnipeg alone. You will never run out of choices!

Visiting a museum is one of the most entertaining ways by which you can learn about many aspects of your new country. You can visualize historical events, learn about the great men and women who have built this country, and see its great achievements through interpretive exhibits and displays. Information comes to life as you engage all of your senses.

What will I learn?

Museums can focus on a range of topics – “from art and history to science and nature, from sports and leisure to transportation and industry” (About Museums in Manitoba, AMM). Nowadays, museums can be a whole building, a house, open air, or even a whole block. Gone are the days of boring and stuffy museums where all you see are glass cases. They are now activity hubs that make learning fun. They make you think, wonder and be amazed. Some museums, like the Canadian Museum of Human Rights, feature interactive exhibits. Visitors are encouraged to touch, feel, manipulate, and move around objects or devices that are part of the exhibit. This makes for a total sensory experience that leave a lasting impression on visitors.

Manitoba has:

  • art galleries
  • community museums
  • cultural centres
  • heritage centres
  • historical societies
  • historic buildings
  • sites and parks
  • natural history
  • science museums
  • nature centres

Which ones should you go to?

So many great choices! Your best bet would be to start with some of the major museums like the Manitoba Museum, Dalnavert Museum, Le Musée de Saint-Boniface, Manitoba Children’s Museum, Manitoba Electrical Museum, Winnipeg Railway Museum, Royal Aviation Museum of Western Canada, and of course the Canadian Museum for Human Rights.

You can also start with a museum that specializes in something that is close to your heart. Manitoba has several specialty museums like the Airforce Heritage Park & Museum, Manitoba Sports Hall of Fame or the Winnipeg Police Museum. If you would like to know more about your city or municipality, go to your community museum for local history. Here’s a list of museums where you will find their contact information and short description.

Is the admission free?

Museums have reasonable admission fees. The funds are used for upkeep and maintenance so that people can appreciate the museum collections for many generations. Some museums offer discounts and even free admission on certain occasions and seasons.

Other museums are financed by corporations, special interest groups, government entities, or through donations. Here are some museums in Manitoba with free admission you may want to visit:

Before you go, check their sites for dates and hours of operation. Also, check their events calendars for special events and activities.

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