7 additional ways to save on household expenses

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We have talked about several ways that you can save in the article 5 top money saving tips for newcomers. Here are a few more tips on economizing on your household bills or augmenting your income with assistance from the government:

  1. Do you have high water or hydro bills? Want to save electricity and use less water? You can order a Free Water & Energy Saver Kit from Manitoba Hydro. The kit includes showerheads that save water, pipe insulation for your hot water tank, and a thermometer for your fridge.

  3. Through Manitoba Hydro’s Power Smart Affordable Energy Program, you could receive free insulation and a new gas furnace for $9.50/month for 5 years ($570 total cost).

  5. Are you renting your home? You may be eligible for Rent Assist. The Rent Assist program can help you pay your rent. Use the Estimator tool to find out how much you may be eligible to receive. It is important to note that if you already receive Rent Assist, make sure that every individual 18 years and over in your household files a separate tax return for 2015. The Rent Assist program has changed, and will now be calculated based on your tax form.

  7. If you have an old fridge or freezer sitting around that you are not using, Manitoba Hydro will pick it up for free and give you $50! Find out about their Power Smart Refrigerator Retirement Program.

  9. Manitoba Hydro suggests low-cost and do-it-yourself solutions for home energy efficiency improvements, such as preventing air leakage in your home; sealing, caulking and weatherstripping, basement and crawlspace insulation, attic insulation, wall insulation, doors and windows, heating systems, and water heaters. For a step-by-step guide, download booklets at the Manitoba Hydro Be Power Smart page. There are some instructional videos there too.

  11. Consider if you really need a landline at home. If you and your children already own mobile phones, you might be able to do away with it. Also, talk to your phone service provider. They will be able to offer the best and most economical promotional package for your family.

  13. Plumbing leaks could add hundreds of dollars on your water bill. The City of Winnipeg shows you simple ways by which you can check your home for leaks:
  • Check your water meter
  • Check your toilet for leaks
  • Fix the leaks immediately by replacing any worn-out toilet flapper valves. This is an easy and inexpensive solution that you can buy from any plumbing retailer.
  • Prevent dripping faucets by tightening faucet taps. You can consult a local plumbing retailer for devices to help you out. For massive leaks, contact a licenced plumber.
  • Check for leaks once every three months and keep track of your water use by reading your water meter regularly.

Sources: Tips 1 to 5, courtesy of Diana Epp-Fransen, Housing Advisor from New Journey Housing; Water Conservation, City of Winnipeg ; Conservation and water stewardship, Manitoba.ca. Updated November 19, 2018.

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8 additional ways to save on household expenses

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