Manitoba financial assistance programs

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Fallen on hard times? Lost your job? Or need a loan for settlement or education? Individuals and families who need financial assistance may avail of the following programs in Manitoba:

  1. Income assistance for immigrants and newcomers

  2. Immigration Loans Program
    This provides financial aid for refugees and protected persons to cover costs of medical examinations, transportation to Canada and the cost of other travel documents. Go to the link (above) to go to the Service Canada site for more information on this aid and about the Resettlement Assistance Program.

    Right of Permanent Residence Fee Loan
    This RPRF loan program helps out persons who seek Permanent Residence status in Canada.

  3. Employment Insurance (EI) benefits

  4. Should you lose your job, get sick, get injured, or if you have just become a new parent, the government is ready to provide temporary financial assistance through EI.

    This is for: People who are legally entitled to work in Canada, have a valid Social Insurance Number, and are residing in Canada are eligible to receive this benefit. To know more about the five types of Employment Insurance, read All about Employment Insurance on this site or go to Service Canada to know all about eligibility requirements.

  5. Employment and Income Assistance

  6. EIA provides financial help to Manitobans who have no other way to support themselves or their family. It covers food, clothing, personal and household needs; basic dental, optical and prescription drugs; health-related supplies or equipment not provided by other programs; and supports to help you find and start a job. This benefit can also include Rent Assist, which helps with shelter and utility costs.

    This is for: Manitoba residents, 18-65 years old, whose monthly basic needs and shelter costs are higher than their financial resources. There are three types: EIA for single persons, EIA for persons of disability and EIA for the general assistance category. To know more, download informational brochures for the EIA type applicable to you and other particulars.

    How to apply: You should find the nearest EIA office nearest you and set an appointment for a Pre-Intake Orientation (PIO). For more information, you can call these numbers:
    If you live in Winnipeg, call 204-948-4000
    If you live outside Winnipeg, call toll free 1-877-812-0014;
    If you are deaf or hard-of-hearing, call TTY at 204-945-4796, or 1-800-855-0511 (Manitoba Relay Service);

    To find out where the EIA office that you need to go to is located, click on the following maps
    If you live in Winnipeg
    If you live outside of Winnipeg

  7. Assistance for parents

  8. In addition to the Canada Child Benefit Program (CCB), parents can also get financial support from the Manitoba Child Benefit Program (MCB).

    This is for: 1)residents of Manitoba who have dependent children under the age of 18, 2) your Manitoba Health Card lists your dependent children, 3)you receive the CCB for them, and 4)your total family income is below a specific level. Please note that recipients of income assistance cannot receive MCB benefits. However, if you receive only the health care benefit portion of your Employment and Income Assistance, you may be eligible for MCB.

    To apply: Download the MCB brochure and the MCB Direct Deposit Form. Contact the Income Supplement Programs office for the application forms (contact details in the MCB brochure).

  9. Assistance for students

  10. Various types of financial assistance are available for students depending on their circumstance and academic plans and goals. The following are grants, bursaries, loans, scholarships and benefits that may fit your situation (please click on links to know eligibility requirements and how to apply):

  11. Assistance for seniors

  12. Seniors, 55 years old and above who are in the lower-income bracket may apply for the following income assistance, health and housing aid (please click on links to know eligibility requirements and how to apply):

There may be other financial assistance programs available for you, depending on your need or your situation. Talk to your Neighbourhood Immigrant Settlement Worker for assistance. You can also check Service Canada or the Benefits Finder to get a list of programs that you qualify for and where to find more information.

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Manitoba financial assistance programs

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