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Coffee Chat CLB 5+: Learning about Family Law

April 15 @ 10:00 am - 11:00 am

All dates and time are Winnipeg local time.
Interior view of the Supreme Court of Canada.

Original image  by Emdx.  CC BY-SA

Canada’s legal system also protects the immigrant families. Each member of the family has rights and responsibilities.

During this week’s discussion, we will examine how Canadian constitution safeguards this basic unit of society.

Join us to gain knowledge and understanding of Canadian legal system related to family law.

Before joining the coffee chat

  • Read the related learning materials below.
  • Look up new words in an online dictionary.
  • Prepare your comments and a list of questions to ask during the live session.

Related Learning Materials

How to join the Skype sessions

  • Log in
  • Scroll down and add the eFacilitator to your contacts on Skype
  • Send a message to the eFacilitator to say you will attend a virtual coffee chat. Send a message each week to declare your availability.
  • Test your computer well BEFORE the live meeting on Skype
  • The eFacilitator will start a group Skype call