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Live and Learn is a centralized hub for information and learning options for newcomers to Manitoba. Our main goal is for you to succeed! We help ease your transition by providing useful information and effective English language instruction.

We focus on “self-directed learning”. This means that you take charge while we guide and assist. We make it easy for you by making our online services accessible, flexible, and open 24/7.

Our main goal is for you to succeed! We help ease your transition by providing useful information and effective English language instruction.

You’ll see three main sections in the menu: Live, Learn and Events.

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Looking for information about living in Manitoba, Canada? Looking for language learning help? Looking for information about how to use… Read more »

Settlement Information and Resources

You’ll find articles packed with useful and reliable information for settling in Manitoba. They take the guesswork out in moving, finding work, accessing services, and many others.

Clicking on “Live” will let you choose from twelve themes that are most relevant to newcomers. It will give you free access to articles containing the latest information and links to community resources.

Anyone can: read articles; find resources; test understanding with language quizzes.

As a registered learner you can: participate in discussion forums; keep track of your quiz results; save your favorite articles to your bookshelf (coming soon!).

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View an example of a Settlement Article

Community housing, apartment buildings Housing Basics: What you need to know:

Shelter is one of our most basic needs. As a newcomer, one of your priorities could be to have a… Read more »

Individual and Group Online Learning

Try activities that can take your language skills to the next level. Everything is online so you can learn whenever you want, however you want, in the comfort of your own home. The activities are grouped into these language learning options: Group Study, Self Study, One-on-One, and Peer-to-Peer.

Anyone can: read lesson materials; check understanding with interactive quizzes; use Self Study and Group Study materials.

As a registered learner you can: connect with language, career, and settlement e-volunteers; get feedback from an e-facilitator; participate in discussion forums; customize your learning profile and track your progress; and use One-on-One and Peer-to-Peer learning options.

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Neck Idioms, for example: neck and neck Neck idioms:

Study the power point to get to know this week’s idioms. Neck idiom power points from English Online Inc.

Online Workshops and Conversation Circles

View upcoming group interactions you can participate in as a registered learner with other newcomers and an e-facilitator. These include Coffee Chats where you can discuss settlement topics, Drop-in Workshops that include activities and learning materials, and Multi-week Sessions where you can explore a settlement topic in more depth with weekly activities. You will also see the schedule for English Online presentations, as well as other community events that might interest you.

Anyone can: discover community events; find English Online community presentations.

As a registered learner you can: participate in English conversations about settlement topics with other learners and e-facilitators.

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Check out one of our Virtual Coffee Chats

Doctor giving a needle to a patient Winter health tips for newcomers:

Before joining the coffee chat Read the related learning materials below. Look up new words in an online dictionary. Prepare… Read more »

Who Can Register?

You can already use many open resources on Live and Learn just by visiting the pages. However, registering opens up a world of new resources and personalized assistance for you. It will allow you to take part in group workshops, get the assistance of e-facilitators and e-volunteers for one-on-one sessions, and gain access to newcomer forums to participate and know what’s up in the community. Registration will also allow you to customize your profile and provide tools to help you track your learning.

If you are a Permanent Resident or Refugee living in Manitoba, you are eligible to register. Go to our Register page for more details on eligibility, requirements, and our easy-to-follow instructions.

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Who We Are

Live and Learn is a project of English Online Inc., a not-for-profit organization. We aim to provide a comprehensive online environment that brings resources, people, and technology together to address newcomers’ unique needs for settlement and integration into the workplace and community. We are funded by Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (formerly known as Citizenship and Immigration Canada- CIC).

Our team brings in a wealth of professional and international experience that makes us uniquely poised to help newcomers succeed. We are passionate about providing effective and flexible solutions to newcomer settlement issues. Know more about the English Online team here: Our Team.

The English Online team

The English Online team