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      This week, we are introducing the following idioms:

      1. To act one’s age
      2. To be young at heart
      3. To age out
      4. Golden age
      5. Over the hill

      Do you know someone who is still young at heart despite their age? What’s their secret?
      What are some activities or professions where people age out quickly?
      What is a golden age of one’s life?

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      I am happy to join this course and learn specifically about Age Idioms.

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      Hi Binu,

      I am glad that you liked the idioms about age.

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      Cristal Lyn

      I am glad to joined to this learning and know about age idioms.

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      Hi! I am so excited to join to online course and start learning new idioms.

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      Good to know about this age idioms. Thanks! :)

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      My mom and dad are still young at heart when they experienced their first winter here in Canada. Their secrets are laugh a lot, never believe that they are too old to do anything and always look at the bright side of life. Some of the activities where people age out quickly are watching cartoons and reading comics. One of the golden age of a woman’s life is when she will marry the love of her life and build a family together.

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      We everyone want to be young at heart order to keep young and avoid over the hill,we should do some activities such as singing and dancing.These activities can help us to age out.I hope my elder son could act his age and be more mature . I think a woman’s golden age in in her twenties to thirties,because they have built a family with her lover and have cute&lovely children ,so what a happy and sweet period that we call golden age for the woman.

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      Some people tend to be young at heart no matter how old they are. Most probably, they are confident, optimistic and tolerant. However, those who are self-doubting, pessimistic, and impatient will certainly age out quickly. I believe that acting our age and having good memories about our golden age will be far from being over the hill.

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      I don’t want to age out so quickly so I try to be as active as possible, sticking to my healthy life habits, keeping close to nature and keeping life simple to remain less stressed.

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      Thank you for the nice Idioms

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