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      This week, let’s study the following idioms about appearance:

      1. look like a million dollars
      2. to be vertically challenged
      3. to be a spitting image of someone
      4. a face only a mother could love
      5. a bad hair day
      6. Appearances can be deceiving

      Have you ever met two people that were spitting images of each other? How do you understand a proverb “Appearances can be deceiving”? Based on your own experience, do you think it is true?

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      Cristal Lyn

      I can’t remember I know someone two people that were spitting images of each other, but I know someone always spitting herself to her favorite actress. As per my understanding,I believe that you should not judge a person on his appearance or on your first time you met with, because it might get change and you can know who really he is once you oftentimes interact with him.

      Thank you for this wonderful topic.

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      My dad and my nephew were spitting images of each other. In my understanding with “Appearances can be deceiving” is that you should know the person well before assuming things about him or her because the truth might not be obvious. Base in my own experience, most of the time this idiom is true. For instance, my first impression with a person never last that long because when I get to know or interact often with that person it changes. Consequently, I don’t judge a person by it’s appearance.

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      I am a spitting image of my aunt. But I am tall and she is vertically challenged. Based on my experience, appearances can be deceiving. Sometimes, we make judgment about people when we meet them for the first time which is often inaccurate. I remember when I saw our new teacher, I thought she is going to be harsh and unapproachable. Then, I realized that she is pleasant and friendly.

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