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      This week, we are learning baby and children idioms:

      1. to sleep like a baby
      2. like a kid in a candy store
      3. a new kid on the block
      4. a child’s play
      5. to throw the baby with the bath water

      What makes you feel like a kid in a candy store?

      Have you ever been a new kid on the block?

      Is there anything that is like a child’s play to you?

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      Michael Ramsis

      I feel like a baby in a candy store after i finish my work days because i am going to enjoy my week end.
      yes, I have been a new kid on the block 5 times for different 5 new jobs.
      I love Math so it is child’s plat to me .

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      I often feel like a kid in a candy store when I dress up for a party.
      When I just came to Canada, I felt like a new kid on the block.
      Swimming strokes are like child’s play for me.
      I don’t like throwing the baby out with the bathwater when I’m learning new words in English, that’s why I keep practicing even with the mistakes I make.

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