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      What has really convinced you to look for a  volunteering position?

      There can be several reasons why people opt to volunteer.

      Let us know whats that main reason.

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      I would like to share my thoughts that why I started to volunteer.
      Main reason was to understand the working environment in Canada. How’s the working culture different here,which skills are needed to be learnt and which work place communications skills are required.
      Therefore,volunteering helped me to understand all of the above.It gave me confidence and better communication skills.

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      I haven’t even started to look for volunteering position yet. No matter I would like to share my thoughts.
      When I will have opportunity to volunteer, it will be just to be there for someone who need some help and I know that, in return, I will increase my understanding of Canadian culture, gain practical knowledge of Canadian workplaces, develop news skills and improve my speaking and listening English skills.

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      I truly appreciate your thoughts and your positive attitude towards understanding Canadian culture. Keep it up!

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      The fact I realise that the vonlunteers have been one positive activity in Canada job culture, which is one connection to gain the local experience to get the job. the most important for me to find the vonlunteer job is to learn the local workplace culture and communicate with local people. i have to adapt the Cannadian’s workplace culture.

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      As Volunteering is not Culture in my country of residence so I am not used to it till now. But now I have started thinking about it.
      In my view, nature and society has given us a lot, so it is our duty to pay it off now. That’s why I will like to work to save nature. This will be beneficial for forthcoming generations also.

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      Joy Frett

      It’s my look that volunteering has multiple surprising benefits. I would like to list some of them below.
      1) Volunteering connects you to others
      2) Volunteering is good for your mind and body
      3) Volunteering can advance your career
      4) Volunteering brings fun and fulfillment to your life

Viewing 6 reply threads
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