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      This whole discussion will lead to the concept of paying forward, which means responding to  a person’s kindness to oneself by being kind to someone else.

      Watch the following short movie:


      It is in Thai with English subtitles.

      Share  your feelings and thoughts about this movie.

      In this video, you will see how an act of kindness leads to another.

      Volunteering is all about giving back to the community, in a way, that it is respected and appreciated by the society.

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      Joy Frett

      This movie clips shows that our action speaks better than words. in my opinion volunteering means my action for the society with out a loud voice.

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      First, It made me cry. It reminded me of the saying; You Reap what You Sow. This kind man sow love, time, and affection to people he didn’t even know. Little did he expect that time will come everything will be returned to him in time he needed the most.
      Second, it showed me volunteering in a broader meaning. It’s not only giving time and giving free, but giving thyself wholeheartedly to something you love to do. This is why volunteering is part of the Canadian culture, because Canadians are people who love to extend themselves to other and does not expect something in return.

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