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      This week, we learned about building professional network online. We looked at different tools to engage with other professionals and developed social media profiles to represent our professional images.

      Reflection is an important part of learning. In your post, summarize what you have learned over this week – was there anything new or challenging to you?

      As an option, you can share links to your professional accounts and add other learners in this course to your network. You never know where your new connection might take you to.

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      Raimner Ramon

      Hello, first of all I would like to thank Blaine for his teaching…
      Well the topic is really interesting and hard to understand because you have to use the Social Networks (if you really want your being “connected”) but you have to understand the risks and how to manage the information that you use to post in (it/them).
      now I know new rules of ethics to use SN and increase me vocabulary with new words and their meaning in computer science…
      thank you

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