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      Congratulations! You’ve made it to Week 4 of Digital Skills at Work!

      There is one thing Canadians enjoy in the workplace – presentations! Teachers, doctors, software developers, even police officers sometimes give presentations. ┬áIt turns out, it’s not easy to present in front of the public. You have to prepare in advance, think about what you need to say, develop the slides, etc.

      1. Have you ever presented at work/conference/community event in Canada or your home country?
      2. If so, what information have you included in your slides? Have you followed any structure when developing a presentation?
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      Fatima Sassi

      I manage the performance of the logitics departement and I’m used to present logitics indicators every month. So i’m used to do presentation at work.
      I generaly include indicator’s evolution and circunstances in my slides.

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