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      This week, we explored the topicĀ of digital skills and their importance in the workplace. We shortlisted professions and identified digital skills needed to function effectively within a given profession.

      What digital skills are you confident about? What gaps do you have / what skills would you like to work on? Are you planning on expanding your digital fluency to be successful at work and why?

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      I know to use Facebook and send e-mails, to prepare documents in Word or PowerPoint (in Hebrew). I don’t know to use Photoshop or to create a website. I know to do only things what I use in my every life but I understand what it is only a little part of a digital world. In nowadays we have to be familiar with a various digital program because we need it almost in each of sphere of life. I hope to expand my digital skills thank for this course

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      These are all excellent skills, Tatiana!
      In week 3 of this course, we will be using free tools that allow you to develop your own website page, however you won’t be programming the website from scratch – the tool uses pre-designed elements that you can choose from.
      You are right about the importance of digital skills in today’s world- and we do use many of them in our everyday life.

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      I know the Facebook, E-mail,whattsAPP,powerpoint, excel, words, photoshop, but all these are just narrow part of digital skills.I like to work with powerpoint, before when I was unaware about other digital skill.In this modern world if we want to move fastly then indeed we should learn all these skills.

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      Hello Ghazala,

      Thanks for sharing your digital skills and the apps and tools you are comfortable with! I agree with you in this current time, it’s quite tempting to continue exploring more digital tools that challenge our digital competency. Are there any specific tool or application you are interested in learning about?

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