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      This week, we explored the topicĀ of digital skills and their importance in the workplace. We shortlisted professions and identified digital skills needed to function effectively within a given profession.

      What digital skills are you confident about? What gaps do you have / what skills would you like to work on? Are you planning on expanding your digital fluency to be successful at work and why?

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      I know to use Facebook and send e-mails, to prepare documents in Word or PowerPoint (in Hebrew). I don’t know to use Photoshop or to create a website. I know to do only things what I use in my every life but I understand what it is only a little part of a digital world. In nowadays we have to be familiar with a various digital program because we need it almost in each of sphere of life. I hope to expand my digital skills thank for this course

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      These are all excellent skills, Tatiana!
      In week 3 of this course, we will be using free tools that allow you to develop your own website page, however you won’t be programming the website from scratch – the tool uses pre-designed elements that you can choose from.
      You are right about the importance of digital skills in today’s world- and we do use many of them in our everyday life.

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