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      Welcome to Digital Skills at Work!
      This week, as you are digging deeper into the concept of digital skills at work, you may ask yourself what digital skills are needed for today’s workplace. In broad terms, digital skills are the skills needed to work in a digital environment, for example to communicate using teleconferencing tools or send emails; organize information in spreadsheets, etc. Digital skills can be more specific in each field of work; often, with customized software used for specific professions.  For example, accountants use Quickbooks, while engineers work with AutoCAD.

      In this thread, first introduce yourself to other learners in the course. Here are some questions to guide you:
      1) What are your goals in this course? What are you planning to learn or improve on?
      2) What skills would you like to learn or practice in this course?
      3) What are your expectations from the course instructor and other learners?

      Then, think about a workplace familiar to you and list digital skills required to function in that workplace. What would happen if a person didn’t have the digital skills required for the job? How digital skills can improve the quality of work?


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      Hi Folks,
      my goals for this course are learning some of the technical words, get familiar with the English words.
      Some of the digital skills that I used every day at work are emails, online conferences, virtual learning, etc.
      In our days digital skills are very important if you want to succeed in a work environment or even if you want to get a job you must know some digital skills. Digital skills can help you a lot, not just at work also in your personal live. Like searching for job, if you have digital skills that can help you a lot.

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      Hello, My name is Tatiana. I want to take a part of the course “digital skills at work”. I feel what so far I don’t know enough about the digital world and I use only a little part of technical facilities from plenty various things. I would like to know more about the digital world, how and when to use different programs… I know about the necessity of the new technologies and I hope what after this course I will learn a lit bit more about it. I wish for all having a good time in the course

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      Hi, my name is Marina. In my opinion, in our time digital skills became a very important part of our life, so to learn new digital skills is useful for those who are in the process of job search as well as for those who want to develop their career. Today a lot of new features and applications appear in the digital field and sometimes it’s very difficult to track and understand which one we need and which one is useless specifically for us. I expect from the course to learn about new technical innovations that can help me to find a job and can be helpful at workplace.

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      Hello Monica, Tatiana, Marina and everyone else taking part in this course!

      Thank you for your introductions and thoughtful posts, I am looking forward to our first class today!

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      Hello! My name is Amy. The topic is very helpful.

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      Pamela Malu

      Hi my name is Pamela. My goals in this course is to gain knowledge and skills in digital use. Because I want pursue my education in social service, I want to specially to learn more about digital communication such as attaching files,using MS, ward excell, power point, and organising information in data bass. But I am not sure if we will cover all these topics in this course, but I believe I will learn some useful skills.

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      Hi Amy and Pamela!
      I am glad you are finding information is this course useful.
      Digital Skills at work aims at general understanding of online world and using online resources to boost your career – joining professional networks, communicating online, building online portfolio, and developing online presentations.

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      Hello Everyone
      My Name is Eyob Ahmed; i am glad to take this course since i believe that having in-depth skills in today’s digital world like Canada enable me to be competent enough in every aspects … My personal goal to this course is to learn more about the required skills of digital computation and its usage in Canadian context… and my plan for improvement is getting higher and swift type writing speed (>50 WPM). This skills i want to know more is all the required digital skills by most Canadian employer which i will hopefully get from this course. Finally, i expect the instructor prompt enough in sharing us her in depth skills and knowledge in this regard… Thank you Very Much!

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      Hello everyone,
      My name is Victoria me goals in this course to gain knowledge and skill in digital use. In our time digital skill is very important part of our life. Like searching for job. Thank you very much!

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      My name is Teresa and I am very interested in this course to improve my digital skills. I have forgotten many of this skills and I would like to catch up with the new advances and acquired knowledges. My goal for this course is to be able to work in any job with confidence.I would like to learn something about world, excel, outlook, powerpoint…
      Thank you.

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      Raimner Ramon

      Hello everyone,
      I have high expectations for this workshop because it will surely help me to improve my vocabulary and digital skills.
      Years before, simply knowledge about how to use Microsoft Office suite would have been enough, but today, there is an emphasis on expanding employees’ digital skill-set much further.
      my goal for this course is to be able to use generally social media, multi-device capabilities and i-Cloud software
      thank you

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      Hello. My name is zeyera. This is my first time online course. I am all ready learning about digital skills. I think it’s nessarary to learn new necnolorgy. It will help me to fine jobs and improve my vocabulary.Thank you

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      To know about the current trends and means available in Canada and gain some insights about expected digital skills in workplace.

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      Mohammad Arfan

      My name is Arfan I am very interested in this course to improve my digital skills
      And to learn more about it,that are useful for me to process my job search and to develop my career.

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      In this course I am interested to improve my digital skills.I would like to learn and practice of using online courses ,online shopping,online marketing,computer courses and different apps. I have lot of expectation from my teacher who teaches us very well.I will be get complete information about digital citizenship which increase my ability and I can survive in this modern technology world.

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      my name is Mohamed Omar I am interested to improve my digital skills. I would like to learn and practice of using online courses. My goal is how to communication with other confidently and reading comprehension.

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      Hello Mohamed, thanks for sharing your goals! Communicating with other confidently is definitely an impoartant goal. By taking part in our discussion forums, you are on the righ track to achieve your goal. thanks, Pam

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