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      Review the presentation slides. The writing activity is on slide 49 and 50. Re-read the slides carefully and post your writing below for your e-Facilitator to check.

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      What a public emergency alert test is?
      Are a text message where the government given information over one or more alerts that could affect or occur anytime and anywhere though Canada and it can cause human harm, damages, danger, death, etc.
      How you receive emergency alert?
      Through cellphone text.
      The types of emergency alerts?
      Currently are eight, these are:
      Fire, natural, biological, hazardous, environmental, terrorist, administrative and civil.
      Your own personal experience with a receiving alert message:
      I had received some messages, none of them had have any impact to me or my community, however, I think that issued any emergency alert is a great help to protect us and cooperate if someone need help.
      How you should react when you receive an alert message?
      You should keep calm up and analyses correctly the alert message, because, one a misinterpretation could alter the original alert message generating wrong behaviors and actions.

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