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      Every year on April 22 we celebrate Earth Day. Learn the following idioms about environment:

      Go solar
      Go green
      Environmentally friendly
      A green belt
      Carbon footprint

      How do you celebrate Earth Day? Do you do anything in your daily life that supports green movement or is environmentally friendly?

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      I migrated from Pakistan.Earth day in Pakistan is celebrated by switching off lights for an hour.Limiting the use of fancy lights and unnecessary lighting in public buildings to convey the message to masses.
      I myself, am a strong supporter of energy saving.I believe we should avoid using high voltage bulbs and limit there use as much as we can.
      I am a nature lover.I like to grow plants at home.Greenery,colorful flowers soothes my eyes .I believe in individual capacity everybody should play their part.There should be a grand movement against tree and forest destruction by mafias.We all need to save our planet Earth .

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