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      Have you used the above idioms?

      Write your response and comment on other’s responses too.

      We will be glad to read them.

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      When I started the online course I’m like fish out of water cause I dont know where and how to start but now so thankful that I catch up everything by reading and understand the meaning of it

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      That’s great to know Maria. In the beginning , one gets cheesed off while learning a new language. But slowly and gradually you start enjoying it. Keep up the good work!

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      When I first started, I felt cheesed off because It was hard to use the idioms correctly. Then, the exercise made it better.

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      Wow ! Rafah you are getting hang of it now.

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      The first day for my first job in Canada, I liked a fish out of water. I felt alone during work and I could not bare my soul to the only friend in Canada who introduced this job to me. I could only went bananas to relax in my basement by myself.

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      Wish you all the best Yuku!

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      When i started my first job, I felt my self a fish out of water.I remember those first days when i was cheesed off because of the language.

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