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      Blaine Roberts

      Idioms are so common. You can’t truly learn any language without having a good grasp of it’s expressions. Here are three activities designed to help you learn this week’s idioms;

      1. Answer these forum questions:

      a. Do you usually lift a finger around your home, or do you usually have someone wagging their finger at you because you need to do more?

      b. Tell us about a time that you crossed your fingers that something good would happen.

      2. Write your own dialogue using the 5 idioms. e-mail me your answer and I will give you feedback. You can then post your answer on the forum.

      3. Use 2 or 3 of the idioms while talking to friends or family this weekend. Tell me how it went! e-mail me a brief description about the situation.I will give you feedback and then you can post it to the forum.

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      Mervi Nishantha

      a) Yes I do lift a finger around my home to help my wife to keep home clean and tidy.
      I usually don’t wait till some wagging their finger at me.I am a self starter and keen on finding a end result.

      b) I crossed my finger when my sister was going for her final exam at University.

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        Blaine Roberts

        Good move Mervi! That will help keep your home clean and happy! I hope your sister did well on her exam!

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      I find it easy to learn the idioms because of a new way of teaching us like showing the flashcard with its meaning and how to pronounce it correctly by listening the dialogue

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      a) I usually lift my fingers to all the dishes at the kitchen but some things we will do it together with my husband.

      b) When i was in the Philippines i was crossed my fingers during the medical exam, but after all the examination i was past and very much happy.

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      Kay Zel

      a. Yes, I usually lift my finger at home to do my cleaning activities when I have free time because I am busy at work and taking care my kids. Anyway my husband wagging his finger to help me clean our home .

      b. I remembered, I cross my finger when I am waiting for the result of my driving learning quiz here in Canada and I am happy when I passed the quiz.

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      1.i crossed my finger, when i was doing my job interview and i cleared it ,got a perfect job. 2.i always lift my finger with my sister in household chores. the classroom someone kept my lunchbox underneath the table and i could not find it.after few days later i received it from my peon,by this way i could not point a finger at anybody.

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