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      Have you used the above idioms?

      Write your response and comment on other’s responses too.

      We will be glad to read them.

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      I think I could understand the idiom like hungry as a bear and it means extremely hungry. Also I could guess the idiom cream of the crop and bread and butter. And the idiom both food for thought and finger in the pie are a little difficult.

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      All of idioms was understandable for me, because I have a few of it in my first language (with the same meaning).

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      idioms are very interesting for me I learned the different meaning .I consider it as food for a thought also .

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      Yuku, keep trying. These idiom activities will help you to understand and use idioms in your daily life.

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      You are right Levgen! It’s easy to understand if the idiom is in your native language too.

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      Well said Maria!

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      Dear Erum !
      Thanks alot these idioms are useful for me to learn .
      I am always as hungry as a bear when i come from school .that means i am extremly hungry .

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      Nikita Kovyazin

      Idioms are always interesting and funny since they enrich our language making the communication style less official and more natural. At the same time they are food for thought because we sometimes guess what one or another idiom means if they unfamiliar. Of cause, the new comers to Canada often try to have the finger in the pie in as many activities as they can afford apart of (or in addition to) earning bread and butter daily in order to become the cream of the crop at the selected field. Good luck to all of us!

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      Thank you Ashraf! You are cream of the crop.

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      Good attempt Nikita! You can use several idioms in your sales presentations too.

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      I like idioms, and its so exciting to play or shuffle and match.The best part is you can beat your own record. That interesting for me.

Viewing 11 reply threads
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