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      Please, go to

      – In a short paragraph ( 5 to 7 sentences), summarize the main ideas of the article and video.

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      Leftovers are different types of food which remain unused by people in resturants and groceries.It is a great idea to donate this food to charities instade of throwing it in the garbage. Also it a good opportunity to volunteer in this work, it can take only an hour from your time to participate but you will do a great job by picking up this food to charities and poor people in shelters.some donors may not prefer to donate their leftovers as they thought that the government will bunish them if people get sick after their donation, but actually there are laws that protect donors how give food in good faith.

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      Samer Dalbah

      The main ideas of the article and video :
      Very large quantities of daily food are wasted all over the world, the idea that helps to reduce food waste, take advantage of wasted food and reformat it to be edible again, and the idea is to collect healthy and edible wasted food from restaurants and hotels and prepare and package it to be distributed to the poor and needy .

      Where hotel and restaurant owners pack usable food after the end of lunch periods or after the end of the banquets, then comes the role of the volunteer youth who passes to hotels and restaurants to collect those meals and send them to associations or charitable institutions that direct them to those who deserve those meals.

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