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      Review the slides from the lesson.  Summarize the lesson by responding to the questions below.  Your e-Facilitator will provide feedback.

        -What are the main problems with mobile banking?

      -How could have The Martens (the owners of the restaurant) avoided these problems ?

      -Are you more or less likely to use mobile banking ? Why or why not?

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      What are the main problems with the mobile banking?

      The cutting-edge technologies constantly are changing, and the risk getting increase easily, so, the financial institutions and banks have the problem to guarantee security in all the conduct financial transactions, because in a short time, they must give solutions very fast, if it is not possible, they lose customers and opportunities of market.

      How could have the martens avoided these problems?

      The simple solutions is hired a bookkeeper immediately, but it is not necessary easy, so, they must learn about the conduct and risk of the transactions of banking, must are keep an eye on their accounts, knowledge over transaction usual and unusual, and report it on time it is necessary.

      Are you more or less likely to use mobile banking?

      I likely, because since long time ago, I had used the banking app, because, I worked to many years in a Bank in my country of origin and there I knew over the use cutting-edge technologies and the banking apps are pioneers in this, whose purpose is allows to the customers to conduct financial transactions by phone or tablet. I also know about the restriction, advantage and risk; therefore, I am very careful when I need use the mobile banking apps.

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