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      Have you used the above idioms?

      Write your response and comment on other’s responses too.

      We will be glad to read them.

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      I am so busy studying my English online course, I didn’t notice its almost 12:30 AM, I closed my laptop and call it a night.

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      Nikita Kovyazin

      I know some people who declare to be night owls. However, they always call it a night if there is an opportunity to have a night on the town. Meanwhile, everyone burns the midnight oil (or used to do it studying at the University) from time to time, especially being here at English online :)

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      Yes, Irene you need to take rest instead of becoming a night owl.

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      Nikita, great to know you are burning the midnight oil to learn English. All the best!

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      Today is mi birthday night on the town

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      I burn the midnight oil to study my online course. So when my friend invite me for her birthday to the night on the town. I just make excuses cause i know that I’m a night owl again later

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      Sergey Miron

      i’m really night owl, but for running business i could be early bird.

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      I think 12:30 AM is not a correct way for time.
      I have to be a night owl, because my working hours is from 6 P.M. to 2:30 A.M..

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      Today I enjoyed the night on town for my friend’s birthday. As a night owl, I always burn my midnight oil for my study and work. I generally call it a night after 2.00 am. We can’t rely on these fly-by- night relationships in highly superficial materialistic world.

Viewing 9 reply threads
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