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      This time, let’s discuss some of the personality idioms:

      1. A big cheese
      2. Down to earth (adjective)
      3. A wimp
      4. An arm-chair critic
      5. A brown-noser
      6. A go-getter

      What kind of personality do you have? Describe.

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      hello whats the answer on question no. 6 im a bit confused?i thought the answer will be a brown-noser.

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      I am a go-getter type of person because I do my best to achieve my goals. I don’t give up easily whenever I can’t get it for the first time. If I failed, I will stand up again and strive more to be successful.

      What is the correct answer in number 6?

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      Apparently, I am a big cheese in my organisation.But I am a down to earth as well.Although, Often I feel like
      a Wimp.But I have never been a Brown nose.

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      I apologize for the late response. The issue with the quiz question #6 has been fixed. You are right – the correct answer is C brown-noser.

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      I am very down to earth. I never been a brown-noser to any big cheese. I am a go-getter who will not wimp to any arm -chair critic.

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