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      Iwona Gniadek

      Let’s discuss what you’ve learned from Alko’s case. Here are the some of the possible discussion questions that you can reflect upon:

      1. What are the challenges that Alko experienced in his credential assessment process?
      2. How did Alok overcome the challenges?
      3. What would you do if you were him? What would you do the same or differently from Alok?
      4. As a newcomer who wants to work as an internationally trained professional or tradesperson, what do you think is important for your professional integration in the Canadian society?

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      It took long for Alok to be registered as Engineer in Canada. One of the challenges is the work experience required to register in his profession. he was smart. He used the opportunity to work in a related profession, attended conferences and took courses in Canada. The process must be really long and expensive, but he was able to succeed. He is an inspiration.

      I would be interested to do the same. My present location will not make it possible for me to take long years of study to achieve my goals. I will need to take online courses or short courses at a time.

      As a newcomer, I would like to attend in trainings and workshops here before I get integrated with the regulated profession. I t will help me to have a related learning experience and a year or two of studies to bridge the gap and prepare me for the licensing exam here.

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      I am glad that you find Alko’s story inspirational. I agree that the process of getting your credentials recognized may be long, money and resources consuming, but it pays back down the road.

      Personally, I think that it is very important to face the fact it’s not going to be easy to get a job in a desired profession right away in Canada. By planning ahead, even before you move to Canada, and taking one small step at a time towards achieving your goal will help avoid frustration.

      I can see that you have a clear plan for bridging your experience and expertise with the Canadian standards. You might want to check the article 5 Steps to credentials assessment and licensing for more information.

Viewing 2 reply threads
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