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      Blaine Roberts

      Use this space to answer the following questions:

      1. What have you learned about fall holidays in Manitoba?

      2. What is your favourite fall holiday?

      3. Do you plan on observing any of Canada’s fall holidays? How do you plan to do it?

      4. What is your favourite holiday from back home? Tell us about your favourite traditions.

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      1.I learned about four holidays that take place in the fall. and four holiday name is Labour day, Thanksgiving, Halloween,and Remembrance day. Halloween is people observe and kids to go door to door ask neighbors for candy. Thanksgiving is statutory holiday many businesses are closed. Labour day is our workes to have decent pay and safe working conditions. Remembrance day is who lost their lives in all wars.

      2. My Favorite fall holiday is Halloween.

      4. My favorite is Diwali in my back home. My traditions is Decorations and lighting in home making different sweet ,spicy snake ,foods This is day all people wear new clothes. all family member together talk and firework.

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      I have learned so many holiday that occurs in the fall such as labour day , Halloween ,Thanksgiving and Remembrance day three of them are statutory holidays except Halloween because it is not an official holiday.In a statutory holiday all federal offices including bank are closed .
      My favorite holiday is thanksgiving because it remind me of our Eid celebration when all families and friends gather together and celebrate.usually have lamb instead of turkey .

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      1.I learned about four holidays that occur in fall Manitoba.
      2.My favourite holiday is Labour Day.
      3.Well,this year I’ll see how things work because I’m newcomer.
      4.My favourite holidays in my home country are Eid Alfiter and Eid Aladha,every Eid I used to make some sweets and visit my friends and relatives .also we make a traditional food to eat together.

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      1. I have learned 4 holidays during the Fall season. Labour day, Remembrance day, Thanksgiving, and Halloween.
      2. My favourite is the Halloween where those cute little kids dressed up with different costumes.
      3. I’m definitely observing Canada’s fall holiday with my family.
      4. Back in the Philippines, my favorite holiday is Christmas,just like many Filipinos. Our celebration is the longest, I believe in the whole world because we start to put christmas decorations on September and the celebration lasts until January.

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      There are many fall holidays that I have learned about in Manitoba for example Labour day ,Thanksgiving day , Halloween day and remembrance day.I am interested in all of them but the most interesting one for me is Halloween day because we can make a party and it is a day for kids to dress up and go door to door asking the neighbors for candy.actually I have no plans yet for fall holidays because i have just moved to Canada, but I would observe Halloween day and make a party . In my home country we have different tradition holidays the best one for me is the holiday for Eid El Fitr in which we visit our relatives and spend good time with each other.

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      Fall holidays are a great way for families to focus on the more important things in life, each other. It always people to spend a day not worrying about work, school and other things. They can focus their energy more on being together and enjoying the smaller things in life.

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