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      Think of the time when you felt sorry for something you did. How did you make up for it?

      Are you the kind of a person who can hold a grudge against someone?

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      Mervi Nishantha

      No point of holding a grudge against someone.
      Hating against hating is not a win – win situation.

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      Theres no way for me to holding a grudge agains to anyone because for me it doesn’t give a good result

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      Once at work I messed up on a transaction and after long minutes I finally made up for it !


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      Holding a grudge against someone cause you more harm than the person against whom you are carrying it. You have to deal with the bitterness and the psychological discomfort that it will bring. Don’t chain/prison yourself with the ‘victim mentality’ or ‘the entire world against you’ like thoughts. Set yourself free by ‘forgiving and forgetting it’ for the best.

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      • This reply was modified 2 years, 4 months ago by Farida.
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