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      Have you used the above idioms?

      Write your response and comment on other’s responses too.

      We will be glad to read them.

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      I wish I could turn back the time when we were happy together but time flies so fast

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      Very true Maria! Time flies when we are enjoying happy moments of our life.

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      Time flies. I have been here for 4 months, but it just seems I arrived here several days ago.
      I must hurry up. I am almost out of time to pick up my kid.

      If I could turn back the hands of the time, I want to cherish every one around me.
      when my mother past away ten years age, I was too sorrowful/sad to survive. But time heals all wounds. Now I have my own family, I still sometimes miss my mother while not always in sorrow.

      Today I arrived at the airport just in the nick of time.

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      Hi!Thanks a lot for the set of Time idioms with an example of a real-life conversation. I find that a few idioms are related to ones that have the same meaning in my native language. In a sense, they are kind of universal. We only thing that I’d like to point out is that you might want to correct the second sentence in Natalia’s answer “I remember when we spoke to my friends about migrating. They were WAS so sad!”. Thank you.

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      Time flies and you are out of time; and no matter what, you can’t the turn back the hands of time. If important decision in our life is not taken in the nick of time, it leaves so deep wounds, which even time cannot heal.

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