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Hi, everyone. I thank to Monika what describe me what is a digital footprint because I have never heard this term before. Every day we use our digital device and leave many digital footprints: for searching information, connecting with people, learning English, writing programs and etcetera. If one day we walk up and we recognize what we don’t have the internet connection, we suddenly can’t do anything. I have an account on facebook many years, but I almost have not used it before we have planned to come to Canada. Now I take a part in many groups about Winnipeg and immigration to Winnipeg and I ask questions and help to other people what want to come there with their questions about Winnipeg. I use my account only for personal information’ share my family pictures only with friends, I try to be friendly with people what I chat with, I don’t connect with unpleasant people ( or people what I think they are unpleasant ). I think what the best place for a professional purpose is Linkedin and not Facebook. My husband found the job when he starts to use Linkedin.