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I’ve got married 4 years ago.
I always wanted to travel abroad with my family so, I dreamed that when I get married, I would have my wedding in abroad. Thankfully, my husband and his family agreed with me and we finally planed to hold our wedding ceremony in Okinawa, Japan. The reason why we chose the place is Okinawa is the nearst one from Korea. It takes 1.5 hours by flight.
However, for that one moment, it’d been rainning a lot there…so, I was worried.
Fortunately, the wedding day was brightly shinning, therefore we could have a fantastic moment with our familes and friends.
I was having a whale of a time together.
After the party, my mom said that seeing her daugter’s wedding is the best time in her life so she was in seventh heaven.
It was the happiest memory of my life. If I could make the clock reverse, I definitely would be there.