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Now is one of beginning month of the year 2020, I write down my goals here to review again at the end of year 2020.
In this year, I am going to get driven license, have good jobs and attend Full Marathon event in Winnipeg. Achieving this goal is important to me because I can help my family so much.
My plan is the following steps:
(i) Register, self-study an acknowledge the driven test in Manitoba, then find and attend the practicing with driven teacher or mentor.
(ii) Seeking jobs and apply for jobs to work and to experience and get money to spend family’s needs.
(iii) Self-practice and join in the Winnipeg Run Club to train myself with many runners in Winnipeg.
In addition, I need to study and improve English to be able both work and take driven license test.
Some thing which will help me to achieve my goals are family’s accompany and my patience. And I hope I can keep continue my plan and will not give up any time.