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There is more to Canada than meets the eye. Aside from its lakes and legendary winters, the country is renowned for its friendly, fun-loving and welcoming people. Read more and find out why Canada has consistently come out as number one in the list of countries with the best reputation.

Quick Facts

  • The name Canada originated from a Saint Lawrence Iroqouian word kanata which means settlement or village.
  • Hockey and Lacrosse are Canada’s national sports.
  • The national symbol for Canada is the maple leaf.


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About Canada Resources

Did you know that Canada is the second largest country in the world? It also has the longest coastline. Learn more about Canada’s geography, climate, history, economy, and government here: General information.

Get a general idea about Canada by watching this video (Introduction to Canada):

Here is a brief overview of Canada’s land and climate, seasons, and cities provinces and regions.

Get a description of Canadian Regional Geography from the pacific coast to the arctic from Your Canada. You can also learn about Canada’s culture, history, and more from this site.

Here is a kid-friendly version of Canadian Geography from kidport reference library.

Learn more about Canadian Heritage – its languages, history and celebrations, the Canadian identity, arts and culture, sports and more.

To understand what it is to be a Canadian, and learn how diverse Canada is, read Who We Are.

Getting ready for the cold climate? You will be surprised to learn that Canada’s climate is as diverse as its landscape. Read all about its four distinct seasons from studycanada.ca.

Want the most recent local weather forecast? Get it from Environment Canada.

Get an overview of how the country is run and the people who run it from this article: Canada’s three levels of government.

Newest About Canada Articles

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Recent About Canada Articles, CLB3-4

Taking your citizenship test? 5 tips to ace it

lady writing an exam

You finally received your notice to appear to write the citizenship test. This is another step closer to your goal…. Read more »

What is Canadian cuisine?

Variety of fresh ingredients

Canada’s first cooks, the Indigenous Peoples, are known to have used more than 500 plant species for food. They cultivated… Read more »

Who was Victoria and why do we celebrate her day?

Queen Victoria during her coronation

Many Canadians look forward to the May long weekend commonly known as Victoria Day. This day is also called May… Read more »

Easter celebrations all over the world

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