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Creating a sense of belonging is the goal of Manitoba’s welcoming communities. Find out how settlement service provider organizations, faith-based and ethnocultural organizations, community centres and other groups help newcomers adjust to Manitoba life with services that extend beyond just saying “welcome”!

Quick Facts

  • Manitoba has some of the most active Immigrant Serving Organizations in the country, offering support to all newcomers.
  • To date, the Manitoba Association of Newcomer Serving Organizations (MANSO) has 67 members who provide settlement and integration services.
  • Community centres in Manitoba offer an array of events and classes that promote healthy and strong communities

Community Circles Articles by Topic

Newest Community Circles Articles

YMCA-YWCA Winnipeg’s Newcomer Services: Offering holistic and free supports for newcomers of all ages

Multicultural group smiling

Interview with Marko Gjuric, Director of Newcomer Services There’s a lot happening at the Y! If you think that your… Read more »

Ramadan etiquette: Is it okay to eat in front of Muslims during Ramadan?

Man eating donut with worried look on his face

Are you a non-Muslim who wants to be respectful of the religious practices of your Muslim friends and colleagues during… Read more »

REES: Working towards a more inclusive and productive community by supporting people of all abilities

REES Banner "Let us help you reach yur potential"

Condensed from a presentation made by Ajibola Akindipe, Intake Counsellor, REES Everyone benefits when each member of the community is… Read more »

Are you a business-minded young person? Learn business 101 at the Y

Participants to the Self Employment Program and Youth Employment Program smiling

Interview with Sanjana Vijayann, Program Coordinator Youth Entrepreneurship Program, YMCA-YWCA of Winnipeg (Business Training Centre) When we think of the… Read more »

Recent Community Circles Articles, CLB3-4

Volunteering 101: What it is and what it’s not

A group of four diverse volunteers arm-in-arm

When I hear the word “volunteering” I immediately think of stormy weather and gathering donations of water, canned goods and… Read more »

5 steps to apply successfully for a volunteer position

A lady expressing enthusiasm during a job interview

Volunteering is not a matter of raising your hand and then you’re in. You have to know where to volunteer… Read more »

5 activities to do in January to start your year right

close-up of a runner's arms and legs at the starting mark

Start the tempo of your year on a high note! Take care of your body, mind, finances and even your… Read more »

5 types of volunteer work

raised hands

There are many ways to help and volunteer your time. You can provide manual labor or you can mentor, sell,… Read more »

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Summer Course

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Idiom Set: Making a Difference

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