Digital Citizenship

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The use of technology and the internet has changed the way we interact, work, study and shop. Many of us appreciate and enjoy our online interactions. However, there are also many dangers lurking in the online environment. How do we navigate the ever changing rules of digital citizenship, and keep ourselves and our families safe in the online world? Read on to learn more.

Quick Facts

  • In 2009, Canadians spent $15.1 billion online.
  • The top leaked online password in 2014 was “123456”.
  • According to the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children, 93 percent of teens ages 12 to 17 are online.

Digital Citizenship Articles by Topic

Digital Citizenship Resources

GetCybersafe by the Government of Canada is full of resources to help you, your family and business stay safe while interacting and participating in the online environment. Find information on cyber bullying and security risks related to mobile use, online shopping, online banking, social networking and emailing.

Watch a video on keeping your online accounts secure:

There is another video on protecting yourself while shopping and banking online:

What is Netiquette? Learn the do’s and don’ts while interacting in an online environment.

If you spend a lot of time in front of a computer, keep backaches at bay with some simple tips and stretches.

With the increased amount of time spent staring at the computer screen, it would be helpful to know some steps to take to care for your eyes.

Newest Digital Citizenship Articles

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hanging cardboard cut-outs of thumbs up, "like" sign

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Don’t click that link!

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5 tips for smart digital parenting

Child using a tablet computer

How many media devices do you have at home? Do you have computers, laptops, smart TVs, tablets, gaming gadgets, and… Read more »

Recent Digital Citizenship Articles, CLB3-4

Thinking of online shopping? Here’s how to stay safe

A computer screen with an e-commerce shopping cart checkout web page.

Shopping online can be more convenient than going to stores. It’s easy and stress-free because you don’t have to travel… Read more »

3 ways a good digital presence can get you a job

Handshake in front of computer screen showing Twitter profile.

First off, what is digital presence? A few years back, digital presence was something that applied only to businesses or… Read more »

Social media basics

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Why do you need social media? Aside from the providing a way to connect with your friends and family, it… Read more »

5 tips for online safety

An illustration of a hand reaching out of a computer and stealing a credit card from someone's pocket

Many new immigrants can become targets of scams. Unscrupulous entities may take advantage of your unfamiliarity with laws or play… Read more »

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