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Did you know that Manitoba’s unemployment rate averages at 5.3% and is Canada’s third lowest among provinces? This rate is well below the 5.8% national average. In fact, Manitoba’s labour market has consistently been showing strength with employment growth currently ranking second highest nationally after Alberta (Manitoba Economic Highlights 2018-19).

Quick Facts

  • The Manitoba economy will see a total of 166,500 job openings between 2017 and 2023, with 68 per cent of these openings to replace worker retirements and deaths. The forecasts predict approximately 23,800 total job openings per year. This is based on the Manitoba Labour Market Occupational Forecasts 2017-2023.
  • Manitoba’s unemployment rate is expected to decline by 0.3 percentage points between 2017
    and 2023.
  • The stable unemployment rate reflects a balanced labour marker over the long term.

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