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Canada is known for having one of the best health care systems in the world. Citizens and permanent residents have easy access to high quality, prepaid medical and physician services. Together with its fresh air and clean environs, quality produce and province-based health programs, learn how Manitobans enjoy active and healthy living to the fullest.

Quick Facts

  • The Health Sciences Centre is the largest hospital in Winnipeg employing around 6000 people.
  • Research has shown that immigrants are less likely to take advantage of mental health services than non-immigrants.
  • According to studies done by the Immigrant Health Program at the Elisabeth Bruyère Research Institute in Ottawa, immigrants and refugees are healthier than the general Canadian population when they arrive, but their health suffers after they start living in Canada.

Health Care Articles by Topic

Newest Health Care Articles

Emotional hygiene: 5 ways to keep your mind clean and healthy

contemplative face

How do we keep our mind “clean and healthy”? It’s not like we could brush it like teeth or wash… Read more »

Self-care: A critical ingredient to your success

yoga instructor and student doing a pose

Aside from learning the language and adapting to the culture, newcomers should add self-care to their list of priorities. We… Read more »

Keeping your home and surroundings safe: Preventing falls

Grandfather guiding his granddaughter on a bike

Did you know that falling is the leading cause for injury hospitalization and death? According to the Winnipeg Health Region,… Read more »

How to deal with the stages of adaptation and come out on top

man head down, looking sad

Moving to a new country has its share of challenges. For some, it could be getting used to the weather,… Read more »

Recent Health Care Articles, CLB3-4

Do you feel SAD? Steps to beat the winter blues

A woman with her head hung low, back to the camera

Is winter bringing you down? You’re not alone. Studies show that about 15% of Canadians get the winter blues, while… Read more »

Cool it: Tricks and tips to manage anger better

lady with boxing gloves on punching a man

Anger is one of our most misunderstood emotions. Many of us want to avoid it, while others seem to be… Read more »

5 benefits of gardening you may not know

Father and son gardening

It’s gardening season! Starting a garden is a great idea, especially if you love nature and the outdoors. Also, did… Read more »

5 gardening hazards you should watch out for

kneeling on the ground, gardening

Are you a seasoned green thumb who knows their plants by name (and also sings to them)? Or a first-time… Read more »

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