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Strong communication skills lead to career success and faster integration in the community. It’s a good thing that learning opportunities for learning English (and French) abound for newcomers to Manitoba.  Learn all about the many language programs offered here.

Quick Facts

  • Canada has two official languages – English and French.
  • The Citizenship Act requires that new citizens to Canada have the equivalent of at least Level 4 for Speaking and Listening in English or French using the Canadian Language Benchmarks (CLB) or Niveaux de compétence linguistique canadien (NCLC).
  • There is a variety of free language classes offered by the Government of Canada that cater to the different needs and abilities of newcomers.

Language Training Articles by Topic

Newest Language Training Articles

5 keys to handling tough conversations

man and woman arguing

Most of us avoid difficult conversations. It’s highly stressful and there’s always the potential to get hurt or hurt someone…. Read more »

5 steps to becoming an active listener

Two women talking

Active listening is being fully present and being actively engaged in a conversation. The goal is to understand, not to… Read more »

Want to be a better speaker? 5 quick tips for clear and compelling speech

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Don’t like reading? 3 effective tips to develop the habit and stick with it for good

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Recent Language Training Articles, CLB3-4

10 ways to make the best out of your ESL class

Students talking in a classroom

You’ve finally made the choice to sign up for ESL classes. Maybe you are feeling nervous or unsure about what… Read more »

Types of language training programs for newcomers in Canada

Profile of woman speaking.

Newcomers will find many language programs to help them learn Canada’s official languages, English and/or French. These programs are offered… Read more »

Too busy to learn English? Consider LINC Home Study

lady using a laptop while reclining on couch

Praba’s first weeks in Manitoba were a flurry of activity. There were seminars at Entry Program, career coaching at Manitoba… Read more »

3 exciting summer projects to hone your skills

two women having fun by the beach

Want to make your summer memorable and productive? Stretch your creativity and practice your language skills by trying one of… Read more »

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