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The Canadian legal system respects individual rights and makes sure that the society functions in an orderly manner. On this page, you will find links about public law, legal aid and family law.  Learning more about the legal system will not only help you enjoy your rights better,  it will also encourage you to become a more responsible and productive resident of Canada.

Quick Facts

  • According to Canada’s Currency Act of 1985, there is a limit to how much coins you can use when paying for an item.
  • Help may be available if you are unable to afford a lawyer.
  • According to the National Resource Center on Domestic Violence, Immigrant women may be more vulnerable to domestic violence due to economic dependence, language barriers, and a lack of knowledge about community resources.

Law and Justice Articles by Topic

Law and Justice Resources

To know how laws are passed and to get an idea of Manitoba’s public statutes and regulations, click on the Manitoba Justice page.

For legal aid, information, advice and referrals, you can go the Legal Help Centre to check their drop-in schedules.

You can also go to Legal Aide Manitoba for information such as finding help in court, finding help from jail and prison, finding help from shelters and hospitals, and the responsibilities of your lawyer.

The Canadian Law list is a directory of Canadian lawyers and law firms. You can indicate the specific areas of practice or specialization, and the exact location where you can find them.

Under the Criminal Code of Canada, family violence is a crime. Find out what constitutes family violence, child abuse and neglect, senior abuse, and others on this site, and know where to get help here.

Learn about the Family Violence Initiative here.

Manitoba Family Law outlines laws that govern marriage and divorce.

Newest Law and Justice Articles

Understanding the Victims Bill of Rights

broken window with image of lady cowering in fear

Have you heard about the Victims Bill of Rights? This is a law that ensures that victims of crime are… Read more »

Questions to ask lawyers when you need legal help

Smiling lawyer leaning on shelf in law library

Family conflicts are never easy. But sometimes, the safest and best way to resolve them is to resort to legal… Read more »

Laws and services in MB

Ford Crown Victoria photographed in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada at the Byward Market Auto Classic 2009.

There are many laws in Manitoba that govern various aspects of daily living. Coming from a new country, most of… Read more »

Manitoba’s court system

Interior view of the Supreme Court of Canada.

There are three main courts in Manitoba: The Court of Appeal, the Court of Queen’s Bench, and the Provincial Court…. Read more »

Recent Law and Justice Articles, CLB3-4

There are no CLB3-4 articles on this topic yet. We are writing more simple English articles—please check back soon.

You can see more simple English articles here.

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Law and Justice Workshops

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