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Are you a traditional or self-directed learner? Visual, auditory or kinesthetic? Motivated or unmotivated? Whatever kind of learner you are, what matters is that you are a life-long learner. In your new environment, there are various strategies to boost your thirst for knowledge and continuously improve your skills.

Quick Facts

  • E-Learning combines traditional learning with the use of technology.
  • According to a 2007 study, the Canadian Council on Learning found that 50% of all home users (16 and older) went online for the purposes of education, training or school work.
  • Being successful in achieving a specific goal involves goal setting and goal planning.

Learning Strategies Articles by Topic

Learning Strategies Resources

There are many exciting possibilities for the adult learner. How can you improve and take charge of your learning experience? Learn about the different strategies you can adopt and tools you can make use of to become a more effective learner – whether you are learning a new language or skill. Below are some articles and videos you might find useful.

What is self-directed learning and what are the types of skills and competences needed for self-directed learning?

Distance learning is an increasingly popular way to enroll in courses as it allows learners to select when and where they want to learn. These are some tips on making distance learning work for you.

Discover how a Personal Learning Network can enhance your learning experience and professional development:

Learn how to set SMART goals in this video:

Watch this video on why should you set specific goals when learning English:

Keep these tips in mind to stay motivated while learning a language. Watch a video on keeping yourself motivated and finding inspiring resources while learning English:

Here are 5 tips for creating a realistic language learning goals.

Take a free online assessment test to see what CLB range you might be in. Please note that this is not an official test.

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Recent Learning Strategies Articles, CLB3-4

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