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Manitoba is one of Canada’s most immigrant-friendly provinces. This is where you will find vast fields and open skies, as well as peaceful lakeside views, historic sites, and modern architecture indicative of its progressive way of life. Find out more reasons why immigrants now choose to call it home. You may be inspired with what Manitoba has to offer!

Quick Facts

  • The province of Manitoba is twice the size of the United Kingdom.
  • Manitoba is known as the land of 100,000 lakes.
  • After English, the top languages spoken in Manitoba are German, French and Tagalog.

Living in Manitoba Articles by Topic

Living in Manitoba Resources

Manitoba is known as one of Canada’s friendliest provinces. It also boasts of a steady economy, a low cost of living compared to other provinces, and a low unemployment rate. Here you will find tips in settling in, finding your way around, and a host of other information that will help you adjust to your new life in Manitoba.

Read this recent article from the Winnipeg Free Press on the positive prospects of Manitoba’s economy: “Strength in Diversity”.

Learn some key facts about Manitoba, such as its location, population, and government from About News

Here is a list of immigrant-serving organizations in Manitoba from the Winnipeg Rental Network website. These organizations offer a wide range of services, such as settlement, language and employment assistance.

Learning how to manage your finances is an important skill when you get to Manitoba. Here are basic details about Money, Banking and Taxation in Canada.

Know the requirements and how to apply for necessary documents required to live and work in Manitoba from this article: Essential documents for newcomers.

Know more about Communities in Manitoba from the Residents page.

Find the best way to get around Manitoba, either through public transportation, by driving, or other means of transportation through the Manitoba 511-Road and Traveller Information page.

Do you want to see the exact street you wish to go to? Check it out using Mapquest. It can also give you detailed descriptions going to and from any destination. Of course, you can always use Google Maps if you prefer.

If you have children, know about the required booster seats and child car seats for your vehicle.

Know more about Manitoba’s vibrant arts and culture scene, as well as its many venues for recreation from

Newest Living in Manitoba Articles

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Manitoba museum and Winnipeg planetarium

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Myths and facts about Indigenous peoples

Traditional dancer at Manito Ahbee

Myth: Indigenous people do not pay taxes. Fact: All Indigenous people are required to pay taxes like all other Canadians…. Read more »

What newcomers need to know about residential schools

children reading in a classroom at a residential school

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Recent Living in Manitoba Articles, CLB3-4

How to keep school kids safe in extreme weather

A school bus covered in snow.

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Winter tricks every Manitoban should know

Heavy duty winter boots for sale at the Walmart, Thompson, Manitoba.

You’ve got the basics down pat. Winter coat, check. Boots, gloves, scarf, check, check, and check. You have also been… Read more »

How much does it cost to live in Manitoba?

Balancing coins and a potato on the edge of a calculator.

Learning about the cost of living in Manitoba plays a large part in planning for your finances. You will need… Read more »

Industries and resources in Manitoba

Photo of planes in the Aveos hangar in Winnipeg, Manitoba.

If you think that Manitoba is an agricultural province, you’re not mistaken. Since the earliest days of settlement in the… Read more »

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